Elegant 6pc Gold and Silver Placemats

Simply elegant
Very easy to clean just wipe clean with a damp cloth
Perfect for any occasion! impress your guests
As the new ‘eating out’ is staying in, make sure your table is dressed to perfection by using our Home Cloud elegant table placemats.

KSh2,000.00 KSh2,500.00


Environmentally friendly materials

Have exquisite appearance, unique design, and use environmentally friendly high-quality materials, which can also achieve effective heat insulation.

Easy to maintain

You can easily clean this placemat with a damp cloth. If there are more stubborn spots to clean, you can gently clean it with a soft brush. In order to prevent deformation caused by high temperature, we do not recommend using a dishwasher.

Multifunctional mat

Place mats are used to protect and decorate your kitchen table, and can be used to protect sensitive surfaces from scratches or stains. It is also suitable for outdoor table mats for household table barbecues. Can bring a very comfortable visual experience to the family.

Heat-resistant effect

This placemat can not only keep the meal clean and tidy, but also has a certain effective heat insulation effect, which is very practical and can also have a certain decorative effect on the dining table.

Convenient storage

Placemats can be stacked together, which can easily achieve the smallest storage space, very convenient space, or only one placemat can be rolled up, which is very convenient

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