[Rechargeable Torch]

Rechargeable Bright LED Torch

Rechargeable Bright LED Flashlight Torch 75W High powered searchlights Built-in 2800mAh lithium battery Two working modes


Product Name: High-power original searchlight

Power: 20W

Built-in battery capacity: 2800 mA

Lighting distance: more than 500 meters

Service life: 8/16 hours (light/low light)

Charging method: built-in hidden charger


1. High-power LED lamp beads, strong light, high intensity, and long service life;

2. Strong and weak dual-gear switch adjustment-the first gear is the loose gear, and the second gear is the strong gear;

3. The concealed charging cable has a built-in plug slot, which can be hidden (led must be disabled and recharged when it is dark);

4. Portable handle-fixed handle design, thickened and reinforced, combined with ergonomic design, not easy to fall;

5. Charging indicator light-the charging indicator light is on, indicating that it is charging

6. Professional belt hole-use with a strap, easy to carry

Product Showcase


High Power lamp bead strong concentration high brightness strong heat dissipation long service Life.


Strong and Weak dual gear Adjustment. the first gear is week and Second is strong.

Charging Indicator

The charging Indicator lights up before charging for extended life it is forbidden to use when charging


Professional  hanging ropehole. Use with linyard, Easy to carry

High Capacity Battery

Battery capacity 2800mAh. Lithium ion Batterry which can be charged for more 3500 times
Highlight: 8 hours, lowlight: 16 hours

Water Proof

This Torch is perfect for wet conditions. is water Proof. PLEASE NOTE: It should not be soaked in to Water for Longer periods.

Working Showcase

Super Bright and Long Light up to 500m

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