Sink Unblocker for sale in Nairobi Kenya

  • Removes blockages thanks to strong suction power thanks to practical ribbed profile ; Easy to clean thanks to easy to wash off plastic surface
  • Drain tamper for quick and easy removal of blockages and odours, such as food leftovers, hair, etc.
  • Pipe cleaning tool against blockages in hard-to-reach places ; environmentally friendly by dispensing with drain cleaners
  • Bellows design ensures excellent suction. Powerful and strong suck capability.
  • Easy to hold with the handle. A simple and effective bathroom, kitchen cleaning tool.

KSh400.00 KSh550.00


Sink Unblocker for sale in Nairobi Kenya

Buy sink Unblocker for sale in Nairobi Kenya. Place the large opening over your clogged plug pump it a two times. You’ll clear more in 10 seconds than any other type of plunger. Guaranteed.

Slow draining showers and baths are a common problem, the Luigi’s plunger fixes it – everytime. Apply over the drain even when your shower tray is full and within a few pumps the cause of the blockage will be removed.Sink Unblocker for sale in Nairobi Kenya


The power comes from you pressing down on the bellows when it’s over the plug, forcing the trapped air down the plughole. This is the same method as a traditional plunger, but with a much greater (8x) volume of air being forced down.


Made with 100% recycled PVC. When you’re done just spray it with bleach and run it under the tap/shower. The head is removable for easy storage.

Material: Plastic

Sucks in water and works with water pressure | removes blockages from toilets and urinals | strong suction performance thanks to practical ribbed design.

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Sink Unblocker for sale in Nairobi Kenya
Color: Variety
Size: Approximately  17*10.5cm / 6.7*4.1 inch
Adopt sucker design, can powerfully clean the drain pipes
Comfortable hand grip, easy to operate
Light weight and durable, easy to clean and convenient to storage
Ideal for use in toilets, bath tubs, showers, sinks and drains

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