12V Multi Function Jump Start/ Emergency Car Power Bank

Start Cars: 12V vehicle around 20 times. ( Gasoline vehicle, displacement <3.0L;
Diesel vehicle, displacement< 2.8L)
Air charging for 6 minutes (2.5Kilos, 100Pa)
Multifunction LED light:torch/SOS/strobe, with three colors: white/red/blue
Double USV output
With safety hammer and Emergency blade

KSh6,500.00 KSh7,499.00


Power Bank
Model: TM15
Battery capacity: 16800mAh
Output: 12V
USB output: 5V 2A
Charge mode: CC/CV 12V 1A
Start current: 300A
Peak current: 600A (3S)
Cycle life: 3000 times
Compatible with: mobile phone, laptop, PSP, MP3/MP4 and other electronic products
Size: 17.3*8.5*3.5cm
Weight: 468.3g

Model: FS-008B
Limited for: 12V direct current product
Continuous gasing time: less than 8 minutes
Size: 13.5*12.5*5.3cm
Weight: 455.8g
Suitable for: small cars, electric cars, kayaking, cycling, and balls inflatable products

Operate method:
1. Before start the car, please make sure the host minimum 2pcs LED indicated light on, then connect the blue plug fully seated into the host socket, and confirm the cable indicator is off
2. Connect the red clip to the positive (+) battery terminal, black clip to the negative (-) battery terminal
3. Start the vehicle
4. When the vehicles starts, please make sure pull up the clamp cable from power bank and then from the car battery terminals. please do not connect the red and black clip to the vehicle battery terminals within 30s

Emergency start step:
1. Red clamp connect “+”, black clamp connect “-”
2. The plug connect the jump starter
3. Start the vehicle
4. Remove the plug from the jump starter
5. Remove the clamps from the battery

1. In case of dormancy for long time, it is suggested to maintain certain battery capacity and the product shall be charged at least at every three months
2. During charging process, mild heat of equipment is normal phenomenon but not fault
3. It is suggested to use the product under room temperature environment away from moisture, high temperature or ignition source
4. Please store products in dry area away from moisture and erosive materials
5. Do not use coarse chemicals for cleaning, such as soap or deergent
6. In case of battery inflation, leakage or peculiar smell, please sto suing battery immediately
7. Do not drop products in use
8. Children shall use the battery under instructions of parents strict accordance with specification contents to guarantee correct operation
9. Please do not throw about or burn waste mobile power supply and cherish environment

1 x 16800mAh Power Bank
1 x Compressor
1 x Car Charger
8 x Laptop Connector
1 x Laptop charging cable
1 x 4 in 1 mobile phone adapter
1 x Storage Battery Wire Clip
1 x US/EU plug Charger Adapter
1 x English User Manual
1 x Portable Bag


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