25FT-250FT Garden Hose Expandable Magic Flexible Water Hose 

Stretches Three TIme

We have 2.5 , 5 , 7.5 , 10, 12.5, 15 meters hose which will stretch to about 7.5 , 15, 22, 30, 37.5, 45 meters. (Length might have a little deviation.) Note: Our hose can be fully extended when the water pressure over 2.5-3kg (0.25-0.3Mpa). When the hose cannot be stretched or fully stretched, please don’t open the dispute immediately. Please confirm the water pressure of Tap, and please contact us, we’ll help you solve it in time. This hose is designed to be convenient and space saving. When you use this hose, it’ll extend it’s length into three times of it’s original length. When you stop use it, hose will automaticly shrink to it’s normal length which could save many storing space.

Easy To Pack and Store

As our product has extend ability, it’s just more convenient when it comes to storing your hose than those normal ones. Our hose is soft enough to make knot without worrying about breaking it.

Smell Good

Our special hose is made from environmental friendly material. They smell good and never get smelly compare to normal plastic hose.

Strong Pressure

Tap water will be pressurized through the hose making the water flow faster stronger compare to normal hose.

Standard Hose Coneection

1/2″ quick connect makes this hose a convenient tool to set up for watering.

Foam Pot Available

There is a Foam pot available. You can use it for a car wash. easy to set up. Foam adjustable.







What is price for this Hose pipe?

Depends on Length of hose pipe.

we have three different lenghts

50Ft at Ksh 2500

100ft/30m at Ksh 3500

200Ft/60m at Ksh 4000

On check fields, select your length and Color


Payable via Company Till Number 973536 After Delivery

What is the Delivery fee?

Delivery fee ranges Ksh. 300-500 Depending on your Location, The amount is paid as is calculated at G4S office.

Payable via Company Till Number 973536

How will i get my item?

Dont worry how you will get your product, we deliver coumtrwide, for customers within Nairobi and Kiambu County, we deliver the same day. Others on other 45 Counties is next day delivery depending on your location. We have partnered with G4S to Delivey orders outside Nairobi

We have partnered with

How will i pay ? Is payment Method Secure?

All our payments are after delivery, within Nairobi and Kiambu You can either via Cash or Mpesa as it will be indicated on the receipt. 

Our  payment is done via Mpesa Till Number 973536, Meaning is a registered company and all records are available at Safaricom.

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